Competition snow grooming – only for ski areas

Competition snow grooming – only for ski areas

Training “Preparation of the basic structure”
No matter when and which race event is planned, a perfect basic structure is a must for every FIS race up to World Cup and Olympic level. The basic structure of the race track already begins with the first snowmaking and the first distribution of the technical snow or the processing of the first natural snow. We train your team on Do´s and Dont´s, so that your racing event will be a success later on!

The main topics covered in this training are:
  • Production of technical snow for a race track
  • Correct basic construction of a race track in autumn
  • Efficient working with technical snow or first natural snow in autumn
  • Using the prevailing weather conditions for the basic structure
  • Avoidance of layers with different densities in the snow cover
  • Preparation of lintel areas and safety zones

Training “Preparation of the race track”
A certain amount of time before the race event, the slope will be closed to the public in order to prepare the race tracks for the event. In this phase your team is trained to compact and harden the snow build-up in the best possible way, to prepare the slope profile and to provide it with the obstacles specified by the FIS. It is particularly important at racing events that the team knows exactly how to remove freshly fallen snow from the race track, or how, where and when to drive with a snow grooming vehicle on a race track ready to race.

The main topics covered in this training are:
  • Different methods of snow hardening/compaction
  • Effect of prevailing weather conditions to the snow cover
  • Correct timing when preparing the snow cover
  • Clearing of fresh snow from the race track
  • Moving the snow grooming vehicles on finished race tracks
  • Maintenance of the racing and training tracks during the race event
  • Safety in handling snow groomers for the operators but also towards third parties

All training programs of the PRO ACADEMY take place in the own ski area and on the own vehicles or snowmaking systems.

The biggest advantage of this training is that your operators are already familiar with the existing vehicles, the facilities and the slopes or the surroundings and can therefore fully concentrate on the training.

Because your operators are accompanied and trained during their daily work, you don´t have to worry about a loss of working time and your slopes are perfectly prepared for the next morning!

And the most important thing: All trainings in the ski resorts are carried out MANUFACTURER NEUTRAL!

In order to follow the progress of the participants, a detailed report of the training is created and handed out at the end of each training session. Participation in the training courses is certified for all participants at the end of the training program with a certificate of participation.